PIMM – DIY plastic injection molding machine

The passion to make all sorts of things from nothing, to create, engineer and build was always a part of me.  For last few years I  had an idea to create some plastics parts. The era of 3D printing brought my dreams closer but it still was not what I wanted. I wanted to have an injection molding machine but most of them are rather big and power hungry. Not something you would like to have in your garage. Not to mention power consumption which requires separate power circuit in most cases.


Then I found this machine on Youtube:


I’ve fallen in love with it. I’ve done some research and found out that this machine is not in production for decades. I decided that I will build one like this. Not to waste too much time, only 3 months or so. I had to learn how to stick weld, how air cylinders and valves work, how to wire PID and heating bands. Basically everything. The machine works very well. I am happy with the results. Bear in mind that machine might “bite” you.  Machine lacks safety measures which I will add eventually. Take extra care when operating such a machine without implemented safety measures.

My DIY plastic injection molding machine looks like this:


You are welcome to comment, share your injection machines or discuss anything about this machine here: http://pino-tech.eu/forum/pimm Also to find out about updates in design register and subscribe to.

You are using this design at your own risk. Take extra care when using this machine.

Current version of CAD file is slightly different to plastic injection machine you see on above video. This is because I didn’t implement this changes yet.

View and Download CAD files here 

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