ESP8266 NodeMcu V3 Lua WiFi module

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WiFi module based on the ESP8266 chip. On board 10 GPIO ports (each of which can support PWM, I2C and 1-wire), built-in 10-bit ADC and USB-UART converter. It has NodeMCU software installed, which allows programming using the Lua scripting language or with the help of Arduino IDE. It has 4 MB of Flash memory.

Lua is a scripting language that can act as a standalone or as an extension to the capabilities of other applications. It has been implemented as a C language library. It has a simple code, high efficiency and the ability to transfer between platforms. Details on the Lua homepage.

Module based on the ESP8266 system
10 GPIO – each can act as PWM, I2C or 1-Wire
Built-in microUSB connector
USB-UART converter CH340
Built-in PCB antenna
Leading pitch: 2.54 mm
Spacing of connectors: 28 mm
Module dimensions: 60 x 31 mm

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Weight 0.012 kg
Dimensions 6 × 3.1 × 1.3 cm


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