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SoilWatch 10 available @

New 3V output version is available at

SoilWatch 10 soon available on

You can’t place orders on Indiegogo anymore. Soon you will be available to buy SoilWatch 10 on

I sell on Tindie

SoilWatch10 Indiegogo campaign success

We have reached 150% of our finance goal. We are still taking new orders at Thanks to all supporters!

SoilWatch 10 – indiegogo campaign funded in 70%

We’ve reached 70% that is more than 2/3 of our final goal! We are really close to reaching our goal. You can help us reach our goal quicker by spreading the word about SoilWatch 10 in social media.

Thanks for all your support.

Indiegogo campaign started

Indiegogo campaign started. There is only 45 days to make successful launch of SoilWatch 10.

Visit our campaign page:

SoilWatch 10 Indiegogo campaign

We have our SoilWatch 10 ready to start preparing our Indiegogo campaign. Soon we will present more details about our soil moisture sensor.

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